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SPORTSRADIO 103 will be the host Broadcaster of the 2015 Carifta Games live from the island of St. Kitts. Marcellus Hall (left) sports Director and Cheryl Braynon VP Sales met with NACAC officials, President Victor Lopez (center) and his Marketing Manager Hector Martinez recently in Miami to complete plans for the event. The games will air live on JCNTV 14, SPORTSRADIO 103 in the Bahamas and on over 20 TV and Cable stations in the Caribbean and around the world.  

TRIBUNE Announces SPORTSRADIO Affiliation.
During the launch of their latest station, KISS FM, Tribune also featured their next  entry in the radio market, an affiliation with SPORTSRADIO 103. The five year old station will undergo a rebranding under the Tribune logo and intergrate its sports talk format with the marketing and media strength of The Tribune News. Mangers Vann Ferguson, Cheryl Braynon and Sports Director Marcellus Hall are shown celebrating at the Tribunes office during their latest radio promotion.


At the start of the year, Sports shoe host Ivan Showtime Francis took a break from his regular routine hosting the show each weekday to take a sabatical. Ivan says he needed to get away for a while. Says he love the job but he needed time to put things in order . some ten months later he's back and the fans appreciate him. Early October showtime made his appearance. He started with SPORTSRADIO from the first day, he;s covered many assignments, traveled internationally and locally and met numerous individuals, celebrities and sports figures. Welcome back Ivan!


Ed Sulivan and Jeff Fox are the voices behind The Sports Brothers. A duo team on major Sports Radio radio in Florida as WQAM 560 and 790 The Ticket signed SPORTSRADIO 103 as their first Affiliate outside the USA. Jeff Fox had an influence over their selection, Jeff is Bahamian, born and raised in Grand Bahama. His early broadcasting career begun with ZNS in Grand Bahama, however in his early teen years he moved to Florida and expanding his career opportunities in radio ever since. 


Entering our fifth year of broadcasting, ZSR 103.5 FM Radio takes on the issues, give voice to the voiceless and weaves into the fabric of the Bahamian community. A new team of talkers were added to the lineup in 2014. Gladys Johnson Sands, former Senator & Ambassador has a real love for country,  community and service and she wants things to be right! as the voice of concience she dialogues each weekday with her audience trying to get an understanding and creating a solution. She joins a team of veteran "talkers" in the person of legal Analyst Fayne Thompson, a no nonsence sharp shooter from the hips who will give his opinion and Master Motivator Spence Finlayson, a man on top of social concerns and knows how to garner the movers and shakers. Together they bring a diverse audience of loyal listeners to SPORTSRADIO 103


Marcellus Hall, Sports Director led a team of four to the french speaking island of Martinique for the Carifta Games held over the Easter Weekend April 18 - 21st 2014. The team provided the only play by play in English for both The Bahamas and St Lucia TV and radio. From the opening to the closing ceremonies the team provided every moment of the activities. Sundays broadcast of the games experienced some technical difficulties that marred the pictures on TV sufficiently that cable Management requested the show be taken off the air immediately for being of poor broadcast quality. Within minutes they rescinded the request as the cable company was undaunted with callers who preferred to endure the poor quality than not to see the games at all! by the final day Monday the issues were corrected and SPORTSRADIO 103 TV & Radio presentation of the games continued without a hitch.

Moses Johnson, SPORTSRADIO 103 Live at the Mall ZSR 103.5FM Radio became a gold media partner with the IAAF World Relays Bahamas 2014. In a Memorandum of Understanding signed in February, SPORTSRADIO 103 has been designated a "Gold Medal Friend" and as such becomes a integral component of the local promotions of the games. The sports radio station and the LOC team will work together ensuring Bahamians are well aware of all the upcoming activities.  Already, the team have colaberated on live remotes at the national stadium and Mall at Marathon promoting the event ticket sales and soliciting volunteers. Besides filling the air with commercials, every week through to the May event, IAAF personalities, the LOC, officials and athletes will also be heard on the various sports shows fulfilling an aggressive promotional schedule to get the word out. Sportsradio 103 team of sports announcers are closely following and reporting the progress of this world event and gearing up for extensive coverage over the competition two days. 

Sportsradio 103 live at the TRS  National Stadium Manager Jeff Beckles says the track will be ready for IAAF Bahamas World Relays 2014. During a recent live remote broadcast from The Thomas A Robinson National Stadium, Mr Beckles being interviewed by Mr. Feaste & Nahaja Black, host of Sportsradio 103's Last Shot show revealed that in spite of all the construction activity on the tracks at present, the track that has been totally dug up for re construction will in fact be ready and the construction is on time. The track is beng re-constracted to specific IAAF standards for the Bahamas World Relays being held in Nassau at the stadium May 24 & 25th. Although two major track meets have been held at the stadium since its official opening in 2012, namely the 2013 Carifta Games and The First Chris Brown Invitational, the track was not up to IAAF standards and was not qaulified to host the prestigious world relay games. The Bahamas Government working with the stadium's Sports Authority and IAAF are working feverishly to ensure that this and several other requirements of hosting this world class event are met.